The Midwest Alevi Cultural Center (MACC) is a non-profit organization aimed at bringing together people residing primarily in Chicago-Illinois and the Midwest region of the United States who are attached to the Alevi-Bektashi path as a belief-system and/or a cultural identity.

Its main goal is the preservation, and transmission to younger generations born and growing up in North America, Alevi-Bektashi beliefs and cultural values, and to advocate for the religious freedoms and democratic rights of Alevis-Bektashis.

Aslan Ihvani Chicago 2019


Esteemed friends,
Please reserve the date for the upcoming event that will be organized by MACC, for  celebrating of the end of the Hizir fasting period.
Date: February 17th, 2019
Place: Zizi’s cafe, 2825 N Sheffield Ave, Chicago, IL, 60657.
Hizir Flyer3
Alevi-Bektashi Workshop Series, 2018 
History, Teachings, and the Place of Music in the Tradition
     New York                     Washington, DC                  Chicago
November 23rd                November 24th               December 1st
AleviBektashiWorkshopSeriesMidwest Alevi Cultural Center, The path of soul that unites Alevi-Betkashis in the United States.