MACC’s goal is to provide a cultural platform for those who want to share, learn and practice Alevi-Bektashi belief and cultural values, which historically originated in Anatolia, which is today’s modern Turkey.

Alevi-Bektashis, many of whom have left their original home since the late 20th Century, have been victims of oppression and persecution throughout history because of their non-orthodox, heavily mystical belief system that rejects a legalistic and institutionalized understanding of religion. Alevi-Bektashi beliefs and cultural values, which are fully compatible with a humanistic, non-discriminative and secular worldview, have survived for centuries despite all difficulties thanks to people who risked even martyrdom for the sake of preserving them.

MACC aims to contribute to the preservation of this deeply-rooted collective identity and belief-system by organizing cultural activities, creating archival databases and libraries, and by sponsoring conferences and public lectures. Our goal is that the Alevi-Bektashi belief-system be known and recognized, and Alevi-Bektashi identity expressed and experienced freely within the diversity of American cultural life.